Many of us don’t realize how much damage we do to ourselves. I’m not talking about drugs and alcohol, that’s a give in. I’m talking about before reaching the point where one feels the need to depend on something to help you cope. Sometimes, we all need a friendly reminder. Fostering bad memories, thoughts, feelings, and even emotions. Different feelings cause different emotional responses therefore, they are separate. Without speaking, your thoughts can attract exactly what you don’t want. You are what you think. Take what good you can from the bad memories (if applicable). We blame ourselves for things that are out of our control. … Continue reading IT STARTS WITH YOU

Stress vs. Acceptance

Stress. Are we really willing to relieve ourselves? We often associate our mood swings, appetite changes, hair loss, frustration, and sometimes anger to stress. We associate stress with the person who is stressing out or a particular circumstance, but is that the real cause ? Without a doubt the affects of stress can alter our overall well being. Similar to hormones, stress can cause improper functioning of damn near every part of your body. Symptoms vary among all but they are not limited to any specific issue. With tons of ancient, traditional, and modern remedies to relieve stress we often … Continue reading Stress vs. Acceptance