I Think…

I think of the weirdest shit sometimes, always looking for an answer or for something that I don’t know.

  • I think that for everything there is a reason may it be plausible or not, there’s is some form of logic behind it.
  • I think that for every action there is a reaction.
  • I think for every offense there is a defense.
  • I think that most people run from themselves.
  • I think that environment is more important than circumstance.
  • I think that the truth, lies, happiness, and pain are within the details.
  • I think that shit is meant to go wrong; How do you know what good is if there is no bad and vise verse.
  • I think humans were made to be resilient but not everyone embraces it.
  • I think people let too much get to them.
  • I think people hold on to too much of what isn’t necessary.
  • I think people struggle to strive to be their best.
  • I think people aim to fail, just give up and settle.
  • I think the world needs more empathy.
  • I think I have enough empathy to give some out.
  • I think people are selfish in the wrong areas. Being selfish isn’t always bad better yet required.
  • I think that we are trained to remain close minded.
  • I think we are programmed to think and feel negative emotions when we hear or read certain words because that’s what we were taught they were associated with.
  • I think that there is always good in bad.
  • I think that learning something you didn’t know before is something to be grateful for, priceless.
  • I think people need to undertand that there is so much value in what can’t be bought.
  • I think everyone has been through a lot but it’s what one has been through that really matters (no offense).
  • I think that we can’t be grateful enough, the appreciation we have for some people, places, things, situations and events are immeasurable.
  • I think we should embrace the challenges we face more instead of challenging the challenge.
  • I think people should stop accepting so much of what they don’t deserve.
  • I think that people should know what they deserve, good or bad.
  • I think people should be more honest with self and everyone around them.
  • I think energy is important especially your own.
  • I think people need to take a better look at their upbringing.
  • I think if people understood who, where, and what they come from then they would have a better understanding of self.
  • I think everyone has a gift.
  • I think some gifts are meant to be bad.
  • I think only the good are meant to have good.
  • I think people need to understand more that they reap what they sow.




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