As I Lay

I lay here in bed on a Friday night, meaningful and empty thoughts fill my head. Most of what I think about is pointless. I feel that most of my thoughts that I dwell on aren’t worth any thought at all past 60 seconds yet, I still entertain these thoughts. What I should put more thought into I leave idle.

As I transition into the great individual that I am meant to be I will be training my mind to relinquish these empty thoughts as soon as they attempt to steal my attention and redirect my energy to what needs my attention. It’s more my feelings and emotions that lead me to think about things that serve me no justice rather than actual logic. Logically there are more pressing issues and thoughts that need to be dealt with that are stunting my growth in areas I’m not immediately aware of.

I think we all have things that we dwell on that we should just let go of and we know it. I know I’m not the only person that hates when someone tells you to get over something prematurely however, don’t be afraid to tell yourself when enough is enough.




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