Day 3: Letting Go Challenge

When you have gone through numerous traumatic events it takes a toll. No matter how positive and optimistic you are, your brain and body prepare for war. Hoping for the best and praying for the worst one becomes skeptical that anything will go as planned. Not because things never work out rather when they go wrong, it’s extremely wrong thru natural occurance.

Some people are dealt a tougher hand than others and no matter how equipt one is with dealing with tough times and crisis’ it never seems to get easier. No matter how experienced one is dealing with extreme circumstances preparing for the unknown is impossible. The emotional toll can be overwhelming and down right out draining. We can’t change a lot of circumstances but we can change how we think and cope.

Today, I am letting go of my negative thoughts and the fear my experiences have bestowed upon me. Our thoughts being the strongest form of energy, it is important not to put negative energy into the universe. Energy is real just as our thoughts are and I will remain positive and optimistic in the eye of the extreme.




3 thoughts on “Day 3: Letting Go Challenge


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