Day 2: Letting Go Challenge

So much of what we go through throughout our lives sticks with us. What makes us feel some sort of way and or causes pain lies in the details. At times it isn’t necessarily the act of what is going on that lingers it’s more so how it happens and the circumstances surrounding the situation. This in turn makes it hard to accept, handle, or get over.

Today, I am letting go of my childhood. It wasn’t the best childhood and it definitely wasn’t the worst but there are some aspects of it that make me feel some kind of way. I’m tired of hanging onto feelings and emotions that just don’t exist anymore. Affected by some things? Yes! but I choose to no longer let these things define me.

I no longer want to drag these memories, feelings, and emotions into my relationships. I no longer want to drag these things into my friendships, my social life, my career or any other area of my life until I’m ready to drag it into my memoir.

That shit was weighing me down and holding me back in many different areas in life and my evolution.





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