Letting Go Challenge

What can’t you let go of?

We all have some shit with us that we just can’t let go. Yeah, we tell others and even ourselves that we are past certain fears, event’s, and circumstances but are we really. Specifications and details stick with us whether we choose to accept it or not. In most cases the denial forms a bitterness and the acceptance builds a foundation for growth.

What others may see as petty may be imperative to you. What doesn’t hurt others may hurt you. What others have moved forward from may have stagnated you in some way. Whether mental or physical we carry elements of our experiences within through out our journey. Some elements are good to hold on to while the others could be affecting you in unforeseen ways. It’s all in how the record plays.

Starting with myself, I am challenging everyone to focus on three things that they need to let go of. By way of blogging, social media, journaling or whatever suites you, write three things that you should “Let Go” of and why. Describe what holding on to such has done to you.




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