Day 1: Letting Go Challenge

On the top of the list is my fear of people. I absolutely LOVE people. I love different cultures and meeting people from all walks of life. However, my fear stems from those whom I have had personal experiences with and from those close to me. As open as I am this fear seems to keep certain doors closed for me. I know….I know….. everyone isn’t the same but sheesh! A lot of people have a lot of shit with them and it seems I attract those with the most.

I am scared of being hurt again, I am scared of another fake friendship, I am scared of making myself available for the wrong people, I am scared of being taken advantage of, I am scared another unfortunate story will tug on my heart strings and cause me to fall victim to someone else’s problems because I really care about others.

What this fear has done to me is it has caused me to stay stuck in a lot of friendships and relationships that serve ne no justice, they completely drain me. I end up in relationships that cause me to deal with the unbareable but I deal in fear of coming across worse. I know life is full of taking risks but I’m honestly tired of risking my mental health because my heart is soft in certain areas and completely empathetic.

Accepting this fear, I aim to let it go and enable myself to meet great people whom are positive and genuine.






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