It Keeps Calling Me

Life has forced me to do everything except for what I love to secure an income. No matter where I am or what I am doing, my mind can’t stay put. My mind can’t get over writing, sharing my knowledge, and some day becoming an auther. However, with all that I had in my head I cannot seem to get it past paper. Yes I’m traditional when it comes to my thoughts, I write whatever I can actually get out of mind on paper. I like to see my work, cross words out, replace words, scribble ideas triggered by my main ideas and doodle of course when my mind goes blank.

The problem is getting my content from paper to my computer that sits right next to me for the most part. Unbelievable right? I know!

Here’s what else I know. There is no way I will be able to ease my mind a bit and feel more accomplished if I don’t take that next step. I’m not worried about people liking my work so much as I am eager to just get it out. With all the self publishing and just about everyone writing some sort of memoir, novel, self help or e-book of sorts it’s encouraging. Finding good editors is expensive and of course no other part of the process is free.

Never the less I will not be discouraged. I will start here in one of my favorite places. Truth be told I read more than I write on here. As I implement some more discipline into my daily regime I would greatly appreciate feedback. Help me stay encouraged to become a better writer and I will do the same by liking and sharing more posts.




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