Be The Change You Wanna See

So bad we want our friends and loved ones to drop their bad habits and addictions so that everyone can stop suffering. With so many people oblivious to the fact that chemical dependency stems from chemical imbalances in the brain here are a few helpful pointers:

A. Understand that substance abuse and its chemical dependency are NOT just physical addictions that can be abolished due to abstinence.

B. Focus on getting to the root of the real problem which most times have nothing to do with substance abuse.

  • Those with an addictive personality aren’t always dependent on drugs and or alcohol.

C. Stop thinking that mental health issues do NOT run in your family. Stop thinking that because you can handle somethings that one should be as strong as you are because you’re related.

D. Start opening your heart and your mind so that you don’t begin to steal what lil joy one seeks in being in your company while struggling with a chemical dependency.

E. Heal with understanding for it is better to be understanding than it is to be understood in this circumstance.




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