Non-Toxins are Toxic Too

The world is so  health conscious about the intake of drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes. Though, there is very little about the non-toxins that are very harmful as well. Handling all that life has to offer we tend to be stressed and often multi-task. Our day to day’s become hectic and at times we feel that we can conquer all. A busy day can cause damage to our brains. Exploring brain health I have discovered that stress can actually change the size of our brains making the brain smaller. Stress is the common cause of change in the brains functioning.

Chronic stress causes us to experience inadequate sleep, poor nutrition, and emotional distress. This in turn increases glucocorticoids which causes cellular changes in the hippocampus (decrease in attention, perception, short term memory. learning, and word finding). Following such there is a decrease in the regulation of cortisol and the cycle continues in such order. It is literally impossible for the brain to do two tasks at once. The brain attempts to divide and conquer dedicating one-half of our grey matter to each task. In short being stressed and multi-tasking stresses our brains out making it shrink and disabling it from functioning properly without us even knowing.

There are solutions and they are fairly simple solutions that have a big impact on our brains. The first solution and aid in our brains functions is simply taking a nap. Naps improve our brains day to day functions, performance, and we tend to learn better. A second solution to improve our brains functions is is meditation. Meditation has the ability to rewire your brain for the better decreasing anxiety and loosening the connections of particular neural pathways. Weakening the neural connections simply means that we don’t react as strongly to sensations as we usually would and increases our memory. The third solution is well exercised by many and that is to just exercise. Exercising is directly inked to mental alertness as well as happiness.

Glococorticoids: (Glucose + Cortex + Steroid) Regulates metabolism of glucose and immune system activity.

Hippocampus: Center of emotion, memory, and autonomic nervous system.



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