Often people feel that their lives are incomplete. What makes us feel whole is different for everyone. Some people feel incomplete without having a traditional family or due to a lack of funds. Different for everyone, we all feel that there is something that is missing from our lives and if in fact we had it, we would then feel complete. Conscienceless we fail to differentiate the external world from the internal. There is an external world in which we see and the internal world is where we feel, People think that feeling complete relies on external factors and that working towards (and on) the inner-self is a waste of time. So many of us work extensively on our reflection, focusing mainly on the former meanwhile more and more people work on the later by practicing various Sadhana’s. Practicing Sadhana aides in self- realization. More than we realize we all tend to leave self-realization out of the equation not realizing that this is what we need to do in order to fulfill that incomplete feeling.

Those whom are aware of self and work towards a better understanding of such are more complete. These same people are precise, firm and smart in the way in which they handle the external world. There are those whom work externally and (fraudulent actions, corrupt persons, power driven politicians, sadists etc.) have deficiencies. These deficiencies occur in people because they are focused on the external world, needs, and wants which is partially due to the sense (feeling) of incompleteness. We must all work on becoming more self aware, aiding in acquiring the knowledge of self. Each one of us could already posses what makes us feel complete but we will never know if we don’t take a look inside. The outside world only provides a band-aid for your sense of incompleteness>>temporary fixes.

What is Sadhana?

Sadhana is a daily spiritual process/practice which is the foundation of all spiritual endeavors. It’s a personal spiritual effort that is the main tool one should use to work on yourself to achieve the purpose of life.

“Sadhana is not a matter of disadvantages. It is simply a means through which you can defeat all your miseries, misfortunes, and handicaps. It is a very personal thing which does not relate to anybody except yourself”                                                                     -Unknown



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