Forgotten Thoughts

It is said that we as humans never forget anything. The complexity of our brains enables us to think that we have forgotten something for it has so many functions that are constantly used. I’m sure you have heard of the brain being similar to a file cabinet due to the way in which it stores information however, I question if this method of storage actually disables us from forgetting thoughts. I understand that nothing is completely forgotten but I do feel that we do actually forget. Just like an old customer, an old client, or simply old records; it’s forgotten in the present but is always there. It isn’t remembered until someone or something (triggers) causes it to be remembered. I have a great memory considering a few things and I have an impeccable memory when it comes to something that I want to remember yet certain thoughts just seem to slip my mind. I need to be clear that all it really takes is a trigger to evoke previous thought but for me, wording is imperative to one’s style as a writer. I can always remember what a forgotten thought was about but I can never quite get the exact (original) wording. Of course my best thoughts come at the most random and inconvenient times when I can’t access my phone, recorder, paper or pen. I expect better from my brain.



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