If there’s one thing that I know for certain, it’s what love isn’t. Though, I always thought that I knew what love was. Because I knew what love wasn’t, I felt that anything opposite was love. Of course we all have our own idea of what love is but are our perspectives really practical.
Let’s be for real we all base our views and feeling about love and caring for one another on what we want to feel or what we want to see happen. These ideals aren’t always practical based on what love is really supposed to be. We as humans live our lives based on learned behavior however, because a person may be showing you the opposite of what you don’t want doesn’t mean that they love you. In fact it doesn’t even mean that they care, it could just be who they are as a person but often times we get caught up in emotion.
We fail to realize at times that everyone has a different perspective on everything and this leads to assumptions being made and ultimately feelings getting hurt. We get caught up in our emotions, we make assumptions, and develop expectations combined together and we let these learned behaviors lead the way when in fact many signs of what is really there (or is missing), is right in our faces.

Oblivious to reality we lead with our already frail hearts into the dark; into the unknown. See we never really know who we are dealing with. You could have grown up with a person or in could even be married to another for over let’s say ten years. Well, anyone will tell you that as the world turns we as people evolve everyday. People change and we learn the difference in what we want and what we know and then we take a good look at what we have.
With all the love in the world for a person we unconsciously compare the difference in what we want, what we have and what we hoped to have. More times then none we find ourselves in a situation that we would rather not be in but we stay in it. Many people say that they stay for the love or for the kids but for the love of who? Definitely not for the love that you have for yourself nor for the kids.
We need to start living what we teach our kids and I know most people teach their kids to always make sure that they are happy and not to settle for less. So why not tell yourself the same things why not show instead of preach fake teach. We should be showing ourselves more respect and focusing on our strengths. I may not know what love is but I know what love isn’t.



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