Stress vs. Acceptance

Stress. Are we really willing to relieve ourselves?

We often associate our mood swings, appetite changes, hair loss, frustration, and sometimes anger to stress. We associate stress with the person who is stressing out or a particular circumstance, but is that the real cause ?

Without a doubt the affects of stress can alter our overall well being. Similar to hormones, stress can cause improper functioning of damn near every part of your body. Symptoms vary among all but they are not limited to any specific issue. With tons of ancient, traditional, and modern remedies to relieve stress we often still find ourselves stressed out. I know I did at times. Remedies aren’t solutions to what is causing the stress.

What is stress?


Fortunately, there is no definition of stress which means you can’t be boxed in (or out) of any certain category. No one can tell you that you are not stressed. There are too many variables and difference in biological factors that come into play when it comes to stress. Being that stress can’t be defined, then it also cannot be measured. No one, not even your doctor can tell you how stressed out you are or aren’t. Stress was once defined as:

“The non-specific response of the body to any demand for change.”

– Hans Selye 1936

Stress is difficult to define because it is so different for each individual. We must all do our part to find a solution to our stress. More importantly we need to focus on identifying what is the cause of the stress. As with anything that grows, there is a root. We must do our part by finding the root cause of our stress followed by accepting it. Acceptance is something that not everyone has the ability to so. It’s so much easier to be in denial. We say that we accept X,Y,Z, (circumstances, people, problems, situations) and we may mean what we are saying because that’s really what we want. However, that does not mean that we actually accept.

We mean well and a lot of us want to conform to whatever it may be, but its deep down that we must conform. See you just may not really accept what that family member does, you employment situation, or even your financial status. You just deal with it. Dealing with something is not acceptance. Because you have been dealing with something for years does not mean that you accept it. We all deal with so much shit that we can become the cause of our own stress. We would all love to point the finger and say that our stress is caused by this or that, him or her. Outsourcing, we never really include ourselves. We consciously and unconsciously leave our underlying feelings, rambling emotions and lack of acceptance out of the equation. As with happiness and other forms of joy, it starts with YOU.

Acceptance is something that is more difficult than understanding or even relating to something. Acceptance causes us to take a deeper look inside of ourselves. Looking deep inside yourself you may feel that you just can’t accept whatever is bothering you which is fine. Acknowledging the fact that you either accept or don’t accept what is causing the stress is the point. Don’t act like you accept something that you do not. It is perfectly OK to not want to accept something. It is not okay to be in denial about your true feelings. A lack of acceptance could be the root cause of your stress. Denial definitely fits into my personal list of chronic diseases. Denial kills.

“Stress lies within the the details.”

-Distinct Character

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