Conversation with the Universe

What we expel into the universe by way of our words isn’t as crucial as our thoughts because that’s where it all begins. Our thoughts and self-talk is really a conversation with the universe. Like we attempt to do with our wording at times we must be cautious of our thoughts. We must nurture our brains to breed positive thoughts by using our critical thinking skills. Every thought, action and occurrence has levels and “there are different ways to skin a cat.” Our critical thinking abilities (when in use) enable us to think outside the box that we place ourselves … Continue reading Conversation with the Universe

Writer’s Block

We never know what the day brings never mind a whole year. This year was bitter sweet for me. I have endured so many highs and lows that I never thought was possible. I never knew the depth of low’s one could go endure after enduring so much. The Greatest most memorable moments have come and gone while the low moments stick with me. The day I lost my creator was unbearable especially because it was a short time ago. With all the pain and grief I have, with all that I wanna say, with all that I wanna share… … Continue reading Writer’s Block

Half the Battle

In the past year I have accepted a lot that I already knew. Knowing is half the battle. Easier said than done, I have accepted the fact that everyone you love, like or care about is not good for you. We justify the words and actions of others and we even make excuses for them when in reality there is no excuse for dealing with less than you deserve. DO YOU ACCEPT WHAT YOU ALREADY KNOW?!? Continue reading Half the Battle